About Junior Leadership Weekend

Junior Leadership Weekend is UN Youth Tasmania’s newest and most exciting educational event.

Junior Leadership Weekend is a three day residential conference run in August 2020, designed to teach young Tasmanians in grades 7 to 9 vital advocacy skills to allow them to ability to represent themselves and what their passionate about, and to engage them in issues of both local and global importance.

This is the second year that Junior Leadership Weekend has run in Tasmania, with previous similar conferences held in New South Wales and Victoria, and being similarly run for the first time in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland this year.

Want to attend? Registrations are closed for 2019, but email our Director of Operations at tasoperations@unyouth.au about registrations or enquiries for 2020.


Key Details

Junior Leadership Weekend is a 3 day 
residential conference held in 

Date: Date TBC 2020

Location: TBC

Who: Students in years 7 – 9

If you have any questions about the 2020 event, feel 
free to contact the Director of Operations at 

What Our Participants Say About Our Events

"Going to the 2019 State Conference was one of the best choices I have ever made. I went with butterflies in my stomach and left as another person with 
greater knowledge and a remarkable experience." - Clara, 15

"State Conference afforded me an opportunity that I couldn’t get anywhere else - it was one of the most unique learning experiences I’ve ever had and it 
has given me the chance to meet and bond with some of the most incredible people, who I can now proudly call my friends." - Emma, 17

"I was never all that confident or loud. I was that quiet kid who you’d never hear talk but all of that changed for me because of things like State Conference. It 
gave me a voice to speak about things I’m passionate about and meet with some of the most friendly, talented and encouraging people I’ve ever met. State 
Conference made me the bright, happy and confident person I am today, and I am forever greatful." - Annabelle, 17

"I absolutely LOVED State Conference! It was such an amazing experience to learn about my country as well as global policy creation. I learnt so much and I can’t 
imagine anything I would rather do than be in a committee or general assembly debating a new resolution. This was an incredible experience and I can not 
wait to be back next year. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to learn about the world around us and meet new friends through the beautiful UN 
Youth community." - Mackenna, 14
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